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Improv Underground is proud to present it's FunRaisers program.
The typical fundraising program nets back to the client a maximum of between 25 and 35 percent of the profits made. That means you are out there pounding bricks to earn a measly 35 percent of all the hard work you do.

Our program is different. We offer something unique. When was the last time that a fundraising product made you and your family laugh hysterically? With FunRaisers there are no products to sell, and no overhead to deal with so we are able to give back a whoping 60 percent to our clients.

We enjoy what we do and want you to be able to enjoy making the most from our talent. All we ask is a space to perform.

Fundraising doesn't have to be hard and complicated. For more information contact us by clicking the Contact Us link up above and we will gladly get you all the details you need to make your next fundraising effort a success. Because fundraising should and can be FunRaising!!!



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