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Welcome to the Funny!!!

Improv Underground is South-East Idaho's premier improv comedy group.

Composed of the funniest actors this side of the Tetons, Improv Underground has been performing all along the Snake River Valley since 2008.

Since that time we have done performances for a variety of occasions including benefits for Make a Wish Foundation, Cheering for Aubri, the Rigby Public Library, and we even performed at a wedding!

Here you will find video of some of the games we perform as well as the bios of our performers and information about our unique FunRaiser™ fundraising program.

Enjoy what we have to offer and we look forward to performing for you soon!!

See what people are saying about us

"We have seen this group several times. Each time they were extremely funny. Each performance is significantly different. Once we saw them on Friday night, laughed so much that we decided to go again on Saturday night and take more family members. We saw pretty much a completely different show the next night. Some of the routines had the same theme but they always develop differently. And they are family friendly. In fact at the beginning they instruct you to give them a certain cue if they become less than family friendly. So if you are looking for crude humor that you might see at your local nightclub, this is not it. If you are looking for good clean humor that is appropriate for the whole family and will leave you laughing for days, this is it."

- Scott W. Idaho Falls

Improv Underground supports Choroideremia Research

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Click the picture to watch a video about EJ and Choroideremia
Click here to donate to the Choroideremia Research Foundation
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Upcoming Shows

Live @ the Virginia

Friday & Saturday
January 5 & 6
7:30 PM

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link to video of EJ Scott